About Kanarys

Why choose Kanarys?

We leverage data and workforce analytics to create more inclusive workplaces.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Lifelong advocates for inclusion and belonging, Mandy Price, Star Carter and Bennie King co-founded Kanarys because they knew that data could help solve workplace inequities. Mandy is a nationally sought-after speaker who has been featured by notable outlets such as Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more as a leader in workplace analytics and HR technology, sharing her personal story and unique insight to create more inclusive workplaces. Bennie has led Kanarys in developing its advanced technology, incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide companies with workforce analytics that will ultimately create a more inclusive culture for everyone. Together, Mandy and Bennie have grown Kanarys from an idea into a category leader in inclusion and belonging that serves Fortune 500 customers as well as small and midsize companies. Kanarys has transformed numerous workplaces and improved experiences for thousands of employees.

Like the canary in a coal mine, Kanarys signals healthy workplaces by providing the workforce analytics and expertise companies need to uncover, tackle, and transform systems and processes.

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Leadership Team

Mandy Price

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Image of Bennie King, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Bennie King

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Cece Choi

Vice President, Operations

D'ontreye Nero

Vice President, Engineering

Chad Stoerp

Vice President, Finance         

Chuka Ikokwu

Vice President, Analytics

Jeremy Palafox

Vice President, Integrated Marketing

Joe Fernandez

Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Head shot image of Kendra Mack, VP of DEIB

Kendra Mack

Vice President, DEIB         
Head shot image of Albert Fong, VP of Product Marketing

Albert Fong

Vice President, Product Marketing
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