Equity Organization Audit (EOA)

Equity Organization Audit (EOA)

Enhance Equity Across Your Organization Through Workforce Analytics

Undertake an AI-Powered Assessment of Your Policies, Programs and Procedures.

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Kanarys offers a range of assessments and products to help organizations advance inclusion and belonging, for those just starting out to those looking to become the industry standard for DEIB with industry benchmarking. No matter where you are on your DEIB journey, our Equity Organization Audit can help you create meaningful change and impact in the workplace. We thoroughly examine your company policies, programs, and initiatives that span the entire employee journey to lay the groundwork for success.

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Apply best-practice frameworks to build equitable policies

Backed by years of experience with hundreds of organizations and vetted by leading academics, Kanarys assessments and analysis are built on best practices in survey development and content validation. We use existing, validated surveys, peer-reviewed research, and input from subject matter experts to create science-backed surveys with strong reliability and confidence levels.

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Show measurable results and outcomes

Kanarys provides evidence-based recommendations and next steps to help you grow your DEIB competencies, build equitable policy initiatives, and improve and demonstrate the meaningful impact of your programs. Our proprietary scores assess your organization’s policies against DEIB best-practices, and we help you lay the groundwork for long-term success by reinforcing strengths, identifying quick wins, and creating meaningful change.

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Assess, comprehend, and enhance your leadership's knowledge and expertise

Kanarys offers leadership assessments that help leaders evaluate their strengths and gaps in inclusive leadership. Leaders receive a personalized report outlining their strengths and areas for growth, which is then supported with custom training and coaching options to help leaders make progress.

“Organizations can no longer afford to have diversity and inclusion as mere talking points. The Kanarys platform is a game-changer by helping organizations analyze, measure, and prioritize diversity and inclusion to ensure that this important business metric is elevated and approached with the same rigor as other business priorities”.

Ron Parker, Former Senior VP of Human Resources, Labor Relations and Global Diversity & Inclusion at PepsiCo

Turn Data into Action

"After the recent Supreme Court decision ending affirmative action in college admissions, 81% of Chief Diversity Officers have started internal audits of their corporate DEIB programs, policies, procedures and communications." - Chief Diversity Officers, Kanarys' Navigating the New Era of Workplace DEIB Post SCOTUS Ruling Roundtable Our EOA will give you a comprehensive foundation to understand your organization's policies so you can fast-track your inclusion journey.

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