Inclusion and Belonging Assessment (IBA)

Inclusion and Belonging Assessment (IBA)

Create an Inclusive Workplace that Welcomes All People

Identify and respond to the different ways employees experience your workplace

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Create a space for employees to authentically be themselves

See beyond basic demographics and better understand your employees. With Kanarys' Self-ID, intersectional insights are uncovered to build more inclusive policies. Self-ID also achieves 6x more participation than standard HRIS surveys because we customize various elements of the assessment process to maximize engagement.

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Uncover issues and opportunities with real-time analytics

Increase psychological safety to reveal and explore insights into your company’s challenges and opportunities. Real-time analytics identify at-risk groups and gaps, and outcome-based recommendations shape actionable strategies to improve engagement, innovation, and retention.

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Implement policies that engage and empower all employees

From recruiting and hiring practices to pay equity and performance management, Kanarys creates actionable recommendations that are tailored to employee needs. Create a climate of inclusion and belonging by responding to the trends revealed by in-depth data exploration.

“Kanarys will not only perform an assessment but will also focus on the next steps on how to implement action against the findings and what are the targeted solutions to achieve the desired outcome in order to get the art and not just the science.”

James Fripp
Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer YUM! Brands, Inc.

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Create sustainable, impactful workplace equity initiatives

From your organization’s vision to the execution of inclusion and belonging initiatives, assessing employee perceptions of their day-to-day experiences with the organization’s policies as they relate to workplace equity provides an evidence-based view of potential equity gaps.

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Build a workplace in which everyone can reach their full potential

The increasing diversity of the workforce and rapid pace of technological change are driving reskilling and upskilling. Diversity can be leveraged to create a more vibrant organization by empowering employees with different perspectives to craft innovative solutions.

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Hear from employees across the globe

Kanarys works with global companies and distributed workforces. Whether fully remote, in-person or hybrid, Kanarys will unlock hidden insights across functions, divisions, levels and geographic regions within your company and build a stronger, more inclusive workplace for all.

“Leaders must acknowledge that increasing demographic diversity does not, by itself, increase effectiveness; what matters is how an organization harnesses diversity, and whether it’s willing to reshape its power structure.”

Harvard Business Review

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