Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Build and Scale - Smarter and Stronger

Implement, deliver and grow your workplace inclusion initiatives from onboarding to expansion with comprehensive support from our team of experts. Kanarys helps organizations close gaps by providing a clear and actionable strategic plan and roadmap for instilling inclusion and belonging in their workforce, company culture, and operations.

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Strategic Support & Managed Services

Kanarys offers a comprehensive suite of technology, tools, strategic support and managed services to help organizations transform their workplace culture into one where everyone can thrive.

  • Experience you can trust: Our dedicated team of data scientists, I/O psychologists, and industry experts guide you through every step of your DEIB journey. From data integration to strategy and communication, we have the depth and breadth to help you achieve your business goals. 
  • Actionable insights, tailored solutions: Kanarys provides in-depth analyses, industry benchmarking, and personalized roadmaps, along with proactive recommendations for growth and best-practice training. We also offer critical situation management support. 
  • Your trusted partner in progress: We design and implement key strategies that address the unique challenges of your executives, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive support at every step: We help you navigate real-time challenges, manage internal and external communications, cultivate vibrant employee resource groups, set impactful goals, refine people processes, and ultimately, leverage data to build a stronger, more inclusive workforce.
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Focus Groups

Understanding the experiences of individuals and executive leaders provides valuable insights and helps identify opportunities for meaningful impact.

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Learning Journeys

Our blended learning approach helps organizations create a shared foundation to raise awareness and motivate employees to create more inclusive environments.

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Employee Resource Groups

Kanarys can help set up and provide ongoing support to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) so they can do their best work.

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Communications Tools

Kanarys works closely with leadership to develop strategic internal and external communications that promote engagement and community.

Integration & Migration Services

Inclusion and belonging are not one-size-fits-all, so Kanarys provides customized services to equip organizations with actionable recommendations, so they can make confident decisions and drive measurable impact. Extending value through secure, trusted connection options, Kanarys provides flexible, versatile integration methods to drive frictionless workflows.

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Leverage versatility to extend data

Kanarys enables seamless workflows and system alignment with your HRIS, ATS, & Payroll systems with dedicated integrations managed by our team who will help consult, guide and validate integrations to meet your evolving needs.

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Tailor integrations to meet your business needs

We satisfy your unique business requirements and processes to support a vast ecosystem of integrations with ATS, HRIS and payroll systems to accelerate the progress and impact of your DEIB initiatives.

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Get peace of mind with trusted, secure connections

With world-class security built into every aspect of our technology platform, Kanarys removes silos and roadblocks to data sharing with technologies and tools that are fast, trusted, and secure to deploy, so you can make confident decisions and drive measurable impact for your organization.

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