Research Capabilities

Research Capabilities

Empower Your Team By Unlocking Impactful Insights

Research can play a vital role for organizations in driving change and unifying key stakeholders to address challenges and achieve common goals, especially during times of uncertainty. Sound research empowers organizations, institutions, and policymakers to make informed decisions based on evidence. By designing and implementing effective strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, research also provides the tools to measure progress and identify areas for improvement. This ensures that DEI initiatives are not just symbolic, but lead to real and lasting change. Meaningful research design demands that you ask the right questions – the kind that are relevant to your key business decisions.

With a team of experienced specialists, we provide you with objective, unbiased benchmarking tools, research capabilities, and DEI expertise to ensure you have the right data to understand how DEI affects your industry and drives business outcomes.

We take a more holistic approach to your challenge, combining insights and strategy to deliver more actionable takeaways for meaningful business impact. With a unique framework and a team of knowledgeable experts working together, our research solutions are tailored to your business goals. 

Why Kanarys

At Kanarys, our experienced team of data scientists, industrial and organizational psychologists, and Ph.D. researchers have partnered with corporations, chambers of commerce, major trade associations, and other groups that need DEIB research to help with DEIB benchmarking and strategy.

Comprehensive, Proprietary DEI Data

We combine assessment data with our proprietary data to provide benchmarking and evidence-based recommendations that drive meaningful results. We deliver insights beyond representation alone, to diagnose and address the underlying challenges that impact employee retention and business performance.

Organization-Specific Insights vs Peers

Organizations receive real-time insights showing their data benchmarked in aggregate against peers to gauge the maturity and performance of their business processes against others within the industry.​

Analysis in Real-Time, Not Months From Now

Measuring multiple DEI areas, beyond just demographics Kanarys’ assess policies, practices, pay equity, and supplier diversity, and we deliver real-time analysis that typically takes consulting firms months to complete.

Collaborative Meaningful Impact

DEI research is not a one-size-fits-all, which is why Kanarys works collaboratively to co-create a bespoke research framework and tailor a toolkit based on the unique challenges of your organization, aligning with your goals. This toolkit will provide your team with actionable guidance on how to advance DE&I within the organization based on trends and insights identified in our assessment.

“Kanarys will not only perform an assessment but will also focus on the next steps on how to implement action against the findings and what are the targeted solutions to achieve the desired outcome in order to get the art and not just the science.”

James Fripp
Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer YUM! Brands, Inc.

Kanarys Research Case Study: Data Analysis to Create Impactful DEI Initiatives

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